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Grey Stone Business Consultants are unique in the Industry.开心彩票app下载,欢乐彩票安卓版APP最新版,快乐彩票开奖结果

As independent practitioners we hold our objectivity to our clients as paramount. Our team of consultants has been chosen because they are the best in the industry. We believe that our value is in our significant skills and expertise which will translate into short, high value engagements with our clients. Grey Stone was founded on a simple premise; provide high value skills from industry experts to support our client’s significant investment in technology.

Strategic Consulting Services can be a catalyst for positive change. 开心彩票app下载,欢乐彩票安卓版APP最新版,快乐彩票开奖结果

The Principals at Grey Stone have a unique vantage point. We’ve held numerous senior positions within many retail organizations and owned P & L responsibility for its success. We’ve operated many of the functional areas including the key information systems and supply chain processes for significant sized companies. Grey Stone Business Consulting can keep the bigger picture clear while creating the plans across all areas of the organization that need to be unified to bring Vision and Execution firmly into the realm of possible. Uniquely we have also worked as senior leaders of Software Companies. We know how to protect your best interests.
When it comes to software supported change we can help insure your success.

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  • 671 Millbrook Ave. Suite #102
    Randolph, New Jersey 07869

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